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Sara Alldredge

Production Artist

Sara spends most of her work time as a post production artist for film and television.   When she’s not working, creating beautiful and functional web and product design are some of her key highlights.

What Burning L Productions tries to do is serve as a repository for her passions outside of her work.   Aside from her obvious political stance, she is passionate about space, survival, and sandbox construction gaming.

The store of Burning L Productions features these passion projects, featuring several political inspired designs and many based around the games Sara is passionate about.

Her film work can be seen in some of these companies productions.

Business Inquiries can contact us either through the contact form, or by email


The products at Burning L Production are a reflection of Sara’s passions and her portfolio is a tribute to the work she does for those who share in her passions.

More than basic

We wanted to deliver custom and unique designs that weren't simply graphics in a square block slapped onto a shirt. So we partnered with Printful to deliver original design ideas that you can't find anywhere else.

Ecological Production

Textiles are some of the worlds leading pollutants around the world. So whenever possible our products are made with recyclable materials to lessen the impact we have on delivering you the things you need.

Workers Rights

Worker exploitation and rights are huge for us, so finding a company whose labor practices and source material practices was very important. Fortunately our partner Printful has an excellent track record and we will continue to monitor their behaviors. Solidarity Forever!

Other Projects